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Connecting senior executives from world’s leading organisations

The Sit-Down Difference

Conversation design

Once a month industry leaders get together in a hub designed for intimate conversations.

They are committed to delivering transformation strategies that will build agility, speed, intelligence and innovation and at Sit-Down we are passionate about leading the way to this conversations.

Actionable insights

Exchange best practices, validate strategies and walk away with practical insights that are immediately actionable.

Peer collaboration

Gain new perspectives from peers who understand your most critical priorities and are facing the same challenges – generate ideas, share real-life experiences and get forward-looking guidance and insights.

Invaluable network

Build a strong professional network where you live and work. Access the collective expertise of your true peers all in one place. Make new connections and catch up with old friends.

Going the extra mile

So that you don’t have to

Our expertise lie in consistently planning and executing iconic experiences for Sit-Down partners and members.

We tell a story of your success, your tough moments and your victories.

Hybrid Series

A truly all encompassing approach to hybrid events

Virtual Series

Virtual experiences at scale

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Sit-Down Communities

Communities that are committed to delivering transformation strategies that will build agility, speed, intelligence and innovation.

Through collaborations with best minds in the industry we have perfected the approach to conversation design and story telling capabilities and by joining our Data & Analytics Community, not only you get to find out about all things data, but you now have a chance to find leaders in their most sharing moments.

The perfect setting with 150 CFOs and finance leaders every month in your city in the most intimate mindsets when it comes their success and failures.

Sit-Down brings the art of data into every communication with our Customer Experience community. By joining this community you get to truly experience what CX looks like when it comes to sharing stories and extracting valuable insights from like minded professionals.

Whether your contemplating your cloud strategies, wondering what is next best thing to implement or just want to be in the presence of those that have the same thoughts, the IT Community focuses on what you need.

Take it from workforce planning, synergies with culture and employee experience all the way down to your HR tech needs, this is a community that gets together to help find your answers.

A community of tens of 1000s of procurement and supply chain professionals passionate about aligning themselves with organisational strategies. Join the Procurement and Supply Chain Community to understand how they take a seat in the boardroom.

Sit-Down Executive

A monthly discussion with selected
group of experts and leaders in your field.

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Real success in the world

Talent empower their networking and fuel their product awareness through a bespoke long-term approach which ensures that they have meaningful conversations with their customers and prospects.

“You just know when you’ve picked the right event partner! Talend has been involved in Sit-down Events for the past 2 years – we started with a one-off and quickly expanded to multiple bookings across ANZ and Singapore. When our Canadian and European teams contacted me about the CDO Live events everyone is talking about’ I knew these high-performing programs had become a great success for Talend. From the professionalism of the team, to the quality of conversations they have facilitated for us, I highly recommend working with Sit-Down.”

Nadine Lefleur | Marketing Director, Talend

Dataiku join forces with Sit-Down to fuel their growth and market penetration with a strategic approach to lead generation at Sit-Down Hybrid Series. Over the past 2 years Dataiku have achieved tangible results at the series that show the thriving period the tech leader has had.

“As a conscious decision we change suppliers periodically, and don’t work with one partner for a long period as we need to tap into other audiences and continuously get access to new platforms, events and prospects. But across all our event partners globally, Sit-Down is the only company that Dataiku has year long commitments and keeps working with every month. Sit-Down was also the strongest source of opportunity for us in 2021. I don’t know you do it, but we like it, keep your secrets and keep it coming!”

Frederic Catherine | Head of Marketing, Dataiku

Fonterra’s leaders have benefited from Sit-Down on a regular basis by utilising products ranging from ongoing case studies and use cases to events, executive programs and podcasts that have enabled their growth on a personal and organisational level.

“I’ve attended and spoken at different editions of the CDO Series, and I have to say the attention and engagement you receive even when the forums were virtual, was something that stood out for myself personally. The organisation that I work for is involved with Sit-Down in other ways such as advisory that has only received good feedbacks too.

Victor. Y. | Global Business Intelligence

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