We tell an ever-evolving story. How we tell that story is just as important as the story itself.

Happier humans and a more prosperous economy

From podcasts to events, from papers to advisory, from fear to organisational growth, from any conversation to a connection, our mission is to empower every human to achieve their professional and personal goals and have an impactful role in their journey.

Every year



Over 10,000 new members join our journey with us every year to tell a story of success, hardship and perseverance.



Not just conversations, but lasting connections, every year Sit-Down connects, facilitates and enables over 30000 connections.

Global outreach & local support

Sit-Down has eyes and ears on the ground in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Germany, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Ireland, Phillipines and United Kingdom.

Our love for richer knowledge sharing, amazing content and better experiences takes over everything we do.

A gift that keeps on giving and it only gets better when like minded professionals that interested in improvement join forces with us.

Customer satisfaction


Member satisfaction

A fresh approach and with amazing care that heavily focuses on what keeps leaders and professionals up at night.


Partner satisfaction

An everlasting bond with insightful technology leaders across the globe who are focus on making humans happier and more efficient. A goal that is amazingly aligned with ours.

The bar is high.
And we keep raising it

We work closely with our partners and our members to help them meet and exceed their objectives. This means, constant improvement, global customer surveys, trends and around the clock need analysis and always being ready to face the music. We work tirelessly to find areas of improvement and beat ourselves at our own game.

We also engage with independent journalists and analysts and non for profit organisations, and openly share our tools and learnings with other companies and industries that could benefit the industry. Because the best way to accelerate progress is together.

Sit-Down's hub is a comprehensive resource for IT, Data, IT Security, and Finance leaders. It offers valuable insights, trends, analytics, and expert content, empowering informed decisions and success.

The Executive Hub features data-driven insights, expert analysis, and peer benchmarking for transformative impact on organisations, fostering growth and innovation. With Sit-Down's Membership Hub, executives can proactively stay ahead, making strategic choices that maximise profitability and drive unparalleled success with confidence.

Change always starts with a leader.
And every leader is a human first.

The foundation of and the purpose of all the work we do at Sit-Down, is what lies behind the job title. The human.

We truly believe success starts by first focusing on people before their professions. From the daily challenges of a leader, the story of the mundane, the radical movements of innovation and the wonderful moments of life.

You say content and Network…
We hear activity design and journalism

At Sit-Down our entire focus is on making sure that conversations are not only easy to relate to but they also lead to easily and quickly made relationships.

Yes this is not easy and yes, we work hard at this.

At a time and in a world where creating meaningful relationships takes the back seat and leaders become more time poor, we at Sit-Down work tirelessly to fill in the gaps for you.



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