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16000+ Members in Procurement

Once a month, industry leaders in supply chain and procurement gather at the CSCO Series. They are committed to delivering transformation strategies that will build agility, speed, intelligence and innovation.

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Sit-Down Series

16000+ Members in Procurement

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With industry analysts that dedicate every day to the best methods of extracting and sharing valuable knowledge our focus is only one thing, enablement, whatever your goal may be.

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Discussion Topics

Sustainability – Procurement Can Change the World
Alignment to Business and Managing Stakeholders
Acquiring, Retaining and Developing Talent
Leveraging Risk, An Opportunity, The Shift of mindset in procurement
Automation, Optimisation, Simplification in Procurement
How to effectively sell the Procurement Value Proposition
Support and buy-in, The impact of Gaining Early Involvement
The role of Reliable Data & Traceability in procurement and what CPOs can do


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