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Being an effective communicator means being able to both actively listen and clearly express yourself to those around you. Unfortunately, there is no one skill or technique that will make you a better communicator. Effective communication requires a diverse skillset that covers both verbal and nonverbal communication cues, as well as close listening. At growth series we help you with better communication skills and understanding how you can create better human connections.


Evolve Culture courses and masterclass are designed for hands-onsessions. You will learn how to use andfacilitate the Culture Design Canvas, a visual tool to capture and design workplace culture in one page, driving alignment and uncovering areas of opportunities.

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Future of Work

Intense workshops and courses that introduce the concept of High Performance Flexibility and why it matters as a dynamic operations model across place, space and time. Join these courses to learn why organizations need to move beyond the singular focus on remote work and take steps now to plan for the future of work.


An effective course designed to give leaders the introduction to resilience and mental toughness, and enable them discover signs of low resilience as well as testing personal readiness levels.

Join the resilience courses to learn strategies to increase resilience and mental toughness to better deal with setbacks and stressors.

Building winning team

Leadership is a skill for any role—not just managers. Learn how to become a more successful leader, improve communication, make better decisions, manage conflict and build a team.

Whether you're managing a division, a team, or just a few employees, join these courses learn how to get the most from your employees by creating conditions for their success.

Personal branding

You’ve heard that personal branding is an essential marketing tool for business success but are you still unsure how to create your personal brand? In today’s competitive business environment, it’s more important than ever to develop a strong personal brand if you want to develop a competitor advantage. These courses will help you unravel exactly what makes up a personal brand and how to start developing and marketing your own.

Mastering fear

Events and courses that deep dive into understanding fear and anxiety and how you can play an active role in controlling your own responses and helping those around you to control theirs.Join these courses to truely understandyour fears, understanding the necessity of them and how to use themto your benefit.

Public speaking

Learn how to sharpen your presentation skills, overcome the fear of public speaking, how body language changes everything, the art of persuasive speeches, public speaking tips, and how to deliver effective presentations each and every time. Brush up on your public speaking skills and become an effective presenter and public speaker today!

Get direct access to brilliant minds across the globe

Penny Locaso

The voice of the change generation for human, and mastering fear

Penny Locaso

The voice of the change generation for human, and mastering fear

Ram Castillo

Leadership and navigating through change

Mark Carter

Culture, communication and leadership

Ian Stephens

The power of consistency and becoming your best version

Mark McKeon

Productivity, resilience and mental health

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We handpick global experts to share their research, frameworks and tools.
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Build leadership skills to take on tomorrow.
Future Readiness
Build leadership skills to take on tomorrow
A Learning Culture
Develop a high-performing culture – fuel business growth through employee performance.
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Learn up-to-the-minute ideas to apply immediately and give your business the edge.
Tools & Frameworks
Be equipped with latest tools and practical frameworks to turn ideas into impact.
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Influence & Leadership
Find your purpose and define your why
Oct 21, 2022
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Aug 28, 2022
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Frequently asked questions

What are growth series?

The growth series are masterclasses, workshops and intestine hands-on courses and events that focus on self development, professional training for leaders as well as individuals who feel the need to become the master of their craft.

Whether it be in business and leadership, public speaking or striking a work & life balance, The Growth Series deliver a world class hybrid learning experience. In-person events and workshops as well virtual lessons are available anytime, anywhere on your smartphone, personal computer, and in your city.

Where can I attend?

Growth Series deliver a world class hybrid learning experience. In-person events and workshops as well virtual lessons are available anytime, anywhere on your smartphone, personal computer, and in your city.

If your upcoming selected events are hybrid, you will be able to attend them in-person or virtually join in through the links that are provided to you in your membership portal. If they are virtual you will only be able to tune in virtually through finding the links in your membership portal.

You can also join all the past Growth Series events that available to members on-demand.

How much does membership cost?

There are different levels of membership that offer you access to Growth Series, B2B events, People First Podcasts and the research services provided by Sit-Down.

You can see pricing for these packages by going to plans.

Which areas are right for me?

Throughout the year, Growth Series cover a wide range of needs and improvements areas for leaders and individuals.

You will always have access to the past and future events and master classes through your membership portal, and you will be able to attend those events and courses that appeal to you.

How often do Growth Series take place?

Growth Series take place once a month and go for a maximum of 2 days.

Can I cancel membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time and you will stop getting charged once your billing cycle is over.

You would still be entitled to benefits of your current billing cycle.

Real success in the world

Talent empower their networking and fuel their product awareness through a bespoke long-term approach which ensures that they have meaningful conversations with their customers and prospects.

“You just know when you’ve picked the right event partner! Talend has been involved in Sit-down Events for the past 2 years – we started with a one-off and quickly expanded to multiple bookings across ANZ and Singapore. When our Canadian and European teams contacted me about the CDO Live events everyone is talking about’ I knew these high-performing programs had become a great success for Talend. From the professionalism of the team, to the quality of conversations they have facilitated for us, I highly recommend working with Sit-Down.”

Nadine Lefleur | Marketing Director, Talend

Dataiku join forces with Sit-Down to fuel their growth and market penetration with a strategic approach to lead generation at Sit-Down Hybrid Series. Over the past 2 years Dataiku have achieved tangible results at the series that show the thriving period the tech leader has had.

“As a conscious decision we change suppliers periodically, and don’t work with one partner for a long period as we need to tap into other audiences and continuously get access to new platforms, events and prospects. But across all our event partners globally, Sit-Down is the only company that Dataiku has year long commitments and keeps working with every month. Sit-Down was also the strongest source of opportunity for us in 2021. I don’t know you do it, but we like it, keep your secrets and keep it coming!”

Frederic Catherine | Head of Marketing, Dataiku

Fonterra’s leaders have benefited from Sit-Down on a regular basis by utilising products ranging from ongoing case studies and use cases to events, executive programs and podcasts that have enabled their growth on a personal and organisational level.

“I’ve attended and spoken at different editions of the CDO Series, and I have to say the attention and engagement you receive even when the forums were virtual, was something that stood out for myself personally. The organisation that I work for is involved with Sit-Down in other ways such as advisory that has only received good feedbacks too.

Victor. Y. | Global Business Intelligence

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